03 August 2012

Rape brigade @wikileaks

so this @kgozstola is so desperate to have you believe that the rape charges in sweden against assange are hilarious, that he has run The Nation into the brick wall of sexism, where has amy goodman and the curious anti-woman left flown like bugs against window panes.

if that's not sick enough for you @m_cetera is repeating victim one's alleged text message as "proof" she was not raped.

@m_cetera mattie the army gal from oregon, is the girl assange careened into plunking a kiss on her cheek during lunch day two of the supreme court olympics.

i wonder how she feels about military rape? her pro assange thing might be a way of making sure all rape complaints are forever more submerged in rape complaint suppression.

which is sort of like voter suppression, but rape complaint suppression is for people who hate rape victims for make making rapists look bad, by reporting rape.

a great way of suppressing rape is by daily harassing rape victims online. so wikileaks people do it every day.
to make the world safe for rape.

or so it would seem.

the other assangistas were massively jealous and disparaging of her.

the antisemitic ones who consulted a psychic. who call rape victims harsh sexist things. for hurting the credibility of their rapist messiah.

would he have ever been your MKULTRA messiah without the rape charges?

that's where the love gets tough.

i think she's sweet, if a little  . . .  but that's what it takes to run a blog titled
this day in rapist.

david allen green is sick of it.

x7o is busy ridiculing me on twitter, possibly because something is getting to him.

tom watson at forbes has the brains to call out the "hilarious" rape meme at The Nation.

i point out how racist The Nation was about OBAMA, but nobody remembers due to the thorazine in the water.

if wikileaks could now be seen as the best of a rapist/leftist magnet, sometimes i feel grateful to know who all the major rape apologists are.

in the future i will try not to get raped, because everybody knows its the woman's fault. no wait. is this islam? wikileaks? korea? 2012, or the middle ages? what?

the misogynists high on internet.

david house climbed everest this week.

for a few days i felt high on the dopamine, of knowing someone in the world has guts.

he denounced julian assange.

neonazi promo from assange was really bugging me---as is his promo of the rixstep who harasses his victims.

and @wikileaks has called the Nation "hilarious" rape article excellent.

so now in addition to redefining rape as "hilarious" @wikileaks has redefined "excellent" as calling rape hilarious.

but that subsides into the daily smog malaise of summer and drought and the eternal headache which i suffer.

i actually do not care much that most of the hard core wikileaks/rape apologists have blocked my tweets.

i dream of deleting everything i ever wrote off the internet, which might take days.

few comforts abound but silence.  international law class is amazing. the law student on the bus too.

the more i read about Garzon's torture of Basque activists, the more i distrust the rape apologists for promoting a lawyer who tortured in Spain.

say, justleft, ie michael rattner.  i can accept that eff's JP Barlow is a pro-rape activist, calling rape charges "spurious."
i have no reason to suspect he's astute.

rattner, well.

@ioerror has such bad manners on twitter, cutting people down with such harsh words on twitter. i can barely understand what it gets him, besides supremacy over the idiocracy.

he even makes wikileaks look worse than they already do.

i wonder that people aren't concerned over their image.  or they get high off being mean, nasty, vulgar, sexist.

sometimes i guess it must be TV differential. me not having TV for 25 years has made me deeply out of touch with the crude rapey hoi polloi.

tomorrow will be a nice day.

i am really glad stieg larsson is dead already, because he might be more miserable alive to know what kinds of men who hate women call rape hilarious @RicardoPatinoEC for assange.  i am almost dead with it.

something so spirit crushing about this kind of hate.

but then again rape victims feel bad anyway.  then when they start reading rape apologists fake human rights orgs going on tangents about rape being hilarious.  that's a kind of self-harm i should get away from.

the horror i felt the night i realized the charges in october 2010.

well, i'm not saying i dont think assange isnt MKULTRA one way or another. via the LSD child abusers---or some more direct way.

but you know---those are my MKULTRA goggles.

everything turns into MKULTRA to me, having experienced my own version of it.

now then when grandpa tried to kill himself with those stabs into his eyes, this what i think of the CIA after that.
he may not tell us what he did. but suicide sometimes speaks volumes.
more than a FOIA.

sometimes i think of it as electioneering. gone wrong even. or ripped----
there is no way to know.

sometimes i guess even if @wikileaks blocked my twitter, it is possibly just via similarity.   i get the whole MKULTRA self-destruction vibe.

the internet is only a rubber room too, inasmuch as father would never do as mother did, the mother who slapped my face and incarcerated me for being a gay atheist vegetarian.

so insane.

so what if i run off with the rape apologist circus, to see how they play their rape games.

it was the criminal mindset, that fascinated me, like in cold blood. i couldn't put it down.

anyone with brains would have not put the rape on supersonic, but for arab spring.

now, it's all harsh in the neon thirteen days, sexist rants, and roswell.

i wish grandfather were here, as only he would understand, the severity of my neverending despair, from which i find brief solace, here and there, in sweden.

even then, only dreams of clean air into my asthmatic lungs, gives relief from the american cultural wasteland.

but nobody is asking.

holding down the nausea and pain with competing medications, gives way to more mercury bleeding out my ears.

perhaps it would be better in LA after all, even with the smog, where at least the suffocation is adequate to kill this overmuch knowledge.

that and music and friends and sun, twas for the soul good.  but straightaway, i see years of school ahead, like a prison.

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