12 October 2012

assange gag: no sense of irony about embracing the misogyny

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From: mary rose lenore eng
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 10:40 PM
Subject: Re: Don't ask don't tell
To: Göran Rudling

what she just said was---" i am finally beginning to get swedish and scandinavian people and our natural affinity for each other" on twitter re meeting carl bildt in sweden at the festival

m_cetera is a gal called mattie who lives in oregon too.  she  was in the army.  she writes thisdayinwikileaks and flirts with assange. he kissed her cheek in the foyer of the supreme court.

the other girls are jealous of her bc she is so pretty. in england.  she flies there a lot.

she went to julian's fundraiser last year for 3000k dollars or so.


sylvia got tough with me.

gena mason or gmason wrote the swedish sex book review and called hillary clinton a harpy.   she just finished law school in the usa.  she's smart-ish but now getting sucked into cult.

no sense of irony about embracing the misogyny.

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From: mary rose lenore eng 
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 10:52 PM
Subject: Re: Don't ask don't tell
To: Göran Rudling

Jen Robinson
As I am learning is #Almedalen culture, the party after the debate is as fun (or more fun) than the debate!
My favourite non-English word was gezellig, but learning Swedish has rivals: gemytlig and lagom. Great words! So many meanings...#Almedalen
Starting to understand the affinity between Swedes - and Scandivians generally - and Australians. It goes beyond egalitarianism...#Almadelen
No wonder Denmark is piloting #Almedalen- a great legacy from Olof Palme - taking politics to the people. Again, wish Australia had one.
What a fascinating mind! @Bardissimo may well be my new favourite person. When you figure out the theology of liberalism - let me know.

British man wins payout in European Arrest Warrant case: warning not to grant EAWs without closely examining evidencehttp://gu.com/p/38qa2/tw 
#Bahrain activist @NABEELRAJAB convicted of defamation for anti-government twitter comments & jailed for 3 mths:http://www.huffingtonpost.com/huff-wires/201 
RT @kgosztola In call for cybersecurity law, NSA chief claims agency has no interest in reading Americans' emailshttp://wapo.st/NX65n0 
PK Ambassador to the US: #Pakistan did not give ok for further#drone attacks - US in breach of international lawhttp://dawn.com/2012/07/10/dro 
Spoke to @GulfCentre4HR today, though 2 of their founders now in prison Al-Khawaja & @NABEELRAJAB. Support their work: http://gc4hr.org 
Too many are unwilling or unable to distinguish between what is damaging to national interest & what is embarrassing:http://www.politicsweb.co.za/politicsweb/vi 
Russian Wikipedia shuts down site to protest bill giving govt sweeping powers to blacklist websiteshttp://bigstory.ap.org/article/russia  #Russia #censorship
I vote for Lady Hale! Supreme court president to be confirmed by No 10 within weeks http://gu.com/p/38qkj/tw  via @guardian

james ball on israel shamir's misogyny in his comment follow ups on the bickering article----to which jen rob said "Sense--at last" an insulting parrot of wikileaks own comment.


she has blocked me.  so has m_cetera probably due to the nazi and misogyny points i wont give up.  so they promote open internet all day but i have to log out of @braingarbage to view their points


look at it.

i saw ratner speak in london. he is tough on vatican sex abuse calling it a crime agaisnt humanity---but easy on julian.

mark follows me and


on him denying that.  he retweeted some of my general human rights stuff on rwanda.  but he's vulgar on twitter frequently. mum on assange.

greenwald has expose blogs showing his corruption going back to 2006 his enemies on twitter were onto the jeremy duns pummel


deborah sheehan tried to gag my blogging and even her first name out of my blog she runs fuckyeahkristinnhrafnsson and writes letters to parliament

geoffrey's comment on  swedenversusassange about "if sweden says sucking toes is rape" i begged them to remove it in july 2011  and then again in january 2012 when they used old template for justice4assange

gareth at event with moazzem begg---conway hall with cage prisoners and reprieve---they are apologetic for shariah and islamic councils.  theats how far women's rights extend.

begg---jihadist who advcates shariah who was also on assange show..  he was earlier a prob for gita sahgal a waar rape expert who then got fired from amnesty.

On Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 9:08 PM, Göran Rudling wrote:
> starting to worry jen rob is as light as m_cetera
> Don't know the people behind nicks on WL Central. But it seem like Rick Downes is running around in there. At least that is what I have figured out. Who's m-cetera? And do you know any other names?
> Next piece is on lawyers. And Jen will included. She has said a lot of strange things since February 10, 2011 when I left London.
> I will challenge Michael Ratner, Glenn Greenwald and Jen. Gareth will be left out. But Geoffrey and Mark will get their share too. Would like James Ball's  e-mail if you got it. I think that he should at least see the next article.
> Time for me to see the bed,
> Göran

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