12 October 2012

Jennifer Robinson, mattie m-cetera, and Rick Downes

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From: Göran Rudling
Date: Tue, Jul 10, 2012 at 9:08 PM
Subject: Don't ask don't tell
To: Mary Rose Lenore Eng

starting to worry jen rob is as light as m_cetera

Don't know the people behind nicks on WL Central. But it seem like Rick Downes is running around in there. At least that is what I have figured out. Who's m-cetera? And do you know any other names?

Next piece is on lawyers. And Jen will included. She has said a lot of strange things since February 10, 2011 when I left London.

I will challenge Michael Ratner, Glenn Greenwald and Jen. Gareth will be left out. But Geoffrey and Mark will get their share too. Would like James Ball's  e-mail if you got it. I think that he should at least see the next article.

Time for me to see the bed,


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