12 October 2012

just not my kind of human rights organization re: Assange

letter cites uncomfirmed info about family law crises in assange's earlier life.
anyone with actual source based info please contact me at maryeng1@gmail.com

or someone with knowledge of how to obtain FOI access to restraining orders in australia.

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try with a sharpened screwdriver hiding in a closet---or outside the bedroom window----or smashing her CD's----a  a restraining order for stalking in australia destroying property of his ex wife and planting child pornography on her new ex-boyfriend and calling police over and over agin to raid for child porn.


alan taylor on twitter has been hinting at this for weeks.  now its all flying out.  also

old hacker case shows he trapped people for police to evade sentencing


http://www.pgpboard.com/mtlb/Assange_clean.pdf court doc page 14 informer work

peter kemp said rixstep controls wl central and sorry about the misogyny. i leaked the letter you know.

bc he still wants to write for wikileaks central even tho they promote the swedish sex wikileaks redefining rape as free love book on porn and BDSM.

just not my kind of human rights organization.

also forgot to mention---gita sahgal scandal.  a more academic scandal.  she is opposed to shariah.  she got fired for opposing amnesty international promoting a pro-shariah jihadist moazzem begg.   assange also had him on to the russia today show.


the twitter mob is dying off.  maybe no one will care.

pgpboard thinks assange is outa cash---hence why no ECHR

i got him to start calling the victim attacks "digital stoning" as a further spin off ferrada.  slang is contagious.


need a nap now!!!!

gena mason wrote the assange swedish sex review fro wikileaks central.

m_cetera writes thisdayinwikileaks and is just catching onto the everybody thinks assange is CIA thing.

cant wait to find the carl bildt bit.  loooked very hard for it!!!!

john young of cryptome in a word

or the emails where assange talks CIA cash in 2007

Obtaining copies of old restraining orders from Victorian courts and the Family Court of Australia is extremely difficult, if not impossible, when not one of the parties directly involved. By that I mean when not either the party the order is taken out by (or on behalf of, in the case of a minor) or the party the order is taken out against. In spite of this difficulty I have pursued enough different sources to verify multiple instances of Julian Assange’s malicious behaviour towards many other people.

In the early 1990s, after Assange split up with Teresa, Daniel’s mother, and (long) before his trial, Teresa entered a relationship with another man. For these post I will refer to this man as L (because X is overused). During Teresa’s relationship with P Assange began a campaign of stalking and harassment.

In one incident, which Teresa later related to a third person (referred to as K), she returned home to find that: her place had been broken into, every CD she owned had been shattered and the words “I love you” were spelled out with the shards on the lounge room floor.

In another incident Teresa and L returned to Teresa’s home to find it had been broken into again. This time they found Assange hiding in a closet and armed with a sharpened screwdriver.

It was sometime after this that Teresa was convinced by L and others to take out a restraining order against Assange on behalf of herself and Daniel.

Under most circumstanced this would be the end of it, but not so when dealing with Julian Assange. One night, after the restraining orders were in place, Teresa and L were in their bedroom and heard something outside. Upon opening the blind they discovered Assange peering in the window and he ran away when the blind went up.

These incidents show that Julian Assange has been willing to go to extraordinary lengths in the pursuit of what he wanted, that being Teresa and Daniel, with a complete disregard for what Teresa wanted and why she left him.

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